Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Out now: "10 simple steps" the book

10 simple steps to better archaeological management available as a 150-page paperback, £16 including P&P.

"A cogent analysis of the problems inherent in archaeological management.  This book should be required reading for all archaeologists - at all stages of their careers"  The Historic Environment

** Buy it now from Carreg Ffylfan Press  **

The contents are based on the material here, edited and expanded.



Section 1: Introduction
Why reading management books won't help archaeologists
Bad habits of archaeological managers and where they came from
Isn’t good management just common sense?

Exercise 1: Your beliefs and assumptions

Section 2: The 10 simple steps
Step 1: Identity
Step 2: Labels
Step 3: Image
Step 4: Training
Step 5: Communication
Step 6: Costs and risks
Step 7: Don’t overperform the spec
Step 8: Archaeology isn’t just excavation
Step 9: Take Health and Safety seriously
Step 10: Treat junior staff well

Section 3: The Manager’s toolkit
Email is your friend not your enemy
iGoogle can change your life
Getting Things Done
Time management
    Exercise 2: Review your current time-use
Microsoft Project
Excel cheatsheet
360 degree evaluation
   Exercise 3: Evaluation
A training buddy

Section 4: Action plan
Exercise 4: Love/hate map

Section 5: Practical management
Company health-check
Quality systems in archaeology
Succession planning and career development
How to fix a failing project
What is PRINCE2 and should I be using it?
Why do good Project Officers make bad Project Managers?
Being positive about business meetings
What not to say at a client meeting
Copyright for archaeologists
The archaeological marketplace
Commercial archaeology and the ethics of development
Preservation and ethics
Coping with the crunch: hard times are coming
Hard times economics
Bridging the skills gap and re-thinking evaluation
Curatorial practice after the crunch
Management gurus and the 10 simple steps



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