Sunday, 18 November 2007

About this blog

This blog provides a range of resources, links, and further discussion of the contents of my forthcoming paper "10 simple steps to better archaeological management" to be presented at the Archaeology in Britain Conference, March 2008.

I've always thought there was something very strange about the whole process of disseminating knowledge through conference papers: an authority on a topic, with a wealth of information to share, spends days boiling it down to a twenty-minute presentation which the audience vaguely attends to, and then on occasion, the paper emerges in print in re-jigged and truncated form a couple of years later. And of course these days every talk has its Powerpoint, and every Powerpoint has its hyperlinks, for which the audience has to scribble down the urls in a way that they don't with web text. So I intend to use this blog to post bits of the talk as they develop, with working hyperlinks to sources and related materials, and also to reflect the adjustments and corrections that arise through the drafting process. And after the event it will continue to exist as an archive of what was said.


All opinions presented here are those held by me, not my current or former employers or other bodies.

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